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Find the most common questions about loans for unemployed services below. If you still have a question, then please feel free and contact us.

How much would my first loan cost to me?
All interest rates are provided by the lender before you take out your loan. Rates are not same and vary between lenders.

Is there any registration fee associated?
The simple and delightful answer is NO!

Can I take multiple loans at the same time?
Taking multiple loans may not be a good idea. You should think about it and ensure that before taking out any loans, you can afford them comfortably.

What are the requirements do I need to be eligible for a loan?

Before getting a loan, you have to:

  1. Be a citizen of the Canada, who is 18 years or older
  2. Having a valid and active Canadian bank account

How much can I get the loan?
You can apply for unemployed loans up to C$1500

How much time will it take for the money to be released if I am approved for a loan?
It totally depends upon your lender although in most of the cases borrowers get their credit in the bank account on the same day of application, if approved.

How long does it take time for me to know if my application is approved or not?
The decision is given within a few minutes of filling out the application form.

What are the chances of being my application rejected by the lender?
Unfortunately, if the lender does not trust in your position to repay a loan, your application may be declined.

Will my credit score check?
We and our lenders are too much busy in helping the unemployed people so there is no time to do credit checks process on our client's applications.

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