What Are The Pros And Cons Of Giving Pocket Money To The Kids?


Pocket money is called for self expenses handling tool, without which the entire world seems hollow and hands seem out of sources reach. On the other hand, it has some other effects of giving to kids which can make their habit bad and ruin them.

This money is considered good after developing the age till then it can be dangerous to kid’s habits. After the age development, this pocket money is needed because of coming into the society of matured age groups.

From a perspective of juveniles, it is shameful, having no money after being in a group of their friends. But for kids, it must be avoidable until they turn to a matured age because it will not be called giving pocket money to them.

It would be a tool for ruining habit and distracting them from their path of succession. Pocket money can be a good source when not earning and it can be good also for kids to not ruin them. But by giving them in a small amount, it can be good while directing them towards items related stationery.

They can buy the items relating to their school stuffs such as pencil, note book and drawing book under the sight of either mother or father. Giving them pocket money here is not dangerous at all, by directing them into a specific way.

Pocket money is good but its usage under an age group can be bad, without any guideline of anyone who is well matured. Then it can’t be bad as it is good which can bring desired stuffs to anyone who is matured.

There are some advantage and disadvantage of giving pocket money to kids


#1.Pocket money can help during disaster

It has been seen many times, during disaster, pocket money can help a lot. Kids may find themselves in such difficulties where there is no one to sort it out at a time. It is pocket money which can help kids to arrange stationery items instantly and they can break the hurdles by self efforts.

#2.Pocket money helps to think longer

May be, this time they have money and later on their pocket might be out of money. If they don‘t care the money they have at present. It also helps them to keep for some extreme urgency, if they think this way which means their thinking developing.

#3.Pocket money teaches ethics

If they are paid for something, they have done on behest of elders which means it gives the kids a sense. They have done something good that’s why someone has given them the money. At the end, they learn the importance of money how it is gained.


#1.Pocket money spoils their habit

This is fundamentally true for giving money to small kids can ruin their habit by eating sweets so that they are affected of germs. It then gradually starts ruing their health, if there is no control over their bad habit of spending buying sweets.

#2.Pocket money distracts them

It becomes an obstacle to decide their future, once they become fond of it and continue spending for a long time over unnecessary stuff. It turns their mind to a feeling of joy, bought by the pocket money which is in fact, the way of nowhere to reach.

#3.Pocket money turns them into stubborn

It is a right fact that happens with almost all the kids, by giving them pocket money in a small age. It can lead them towards stubbornness,and later on. After not getting money, they start behaving like a devil due to their pleasing feeling after not able to buy menial stuffs.

How to avoid giving pocket money if their habit is bad

It will be more useful to buy stuff yourself after asking your kids what they need, in favor of necessary items and the items for eating. It is called good move, by not giving money to them and fulfilling their needs by making self efforts.

It is a stringent step to get everything under control, aftermath of suffering from this habit for bringing improvement in them. It will be bad for them until their habit changes for using this money for the right purpose of expenses.


As mentioned earlier, pocket money giving to kids has some advantages and disadvantages, totally depending on the parents. How they have made their habit by giving pocket money and directed them to spend under circumstances.

This is how; it begins here to spoiling kids’ habit by giving them money in pampering. Pocket money is a great option for understanding the importance of money for kids. If parents are keen to teach their kids a lesson of earning money, how it is earned for living.

There is a big role of parents for their kids for making their pocket money habit, by giving and instructing to spend. Kids turn their habit through instruction and guideline, given by their elders and they join bad company after coming into a different environment of a friend circle.

Wayne Frazier